After Sales Service

We have implemented an advanced CRM system, which is one of the key pillars of our ERPsystem. In combination with ERP and a dedicated CRM sales team, our CRM system helps us to enhance the efficiency of sales and marketing and provides us a highly automated sales and marketing process based on customer profiling and targeting as well as a multi-channel sales and marketing network.

We engage in automobile sales and provide a comprehensive range of after-sales services, such as repair and maintenance services, sales of spare parts, accessories and other automobile-related products, and automobile recalls.

We have also developed a multi-channel sales platform by leveraging its integrated CRM system that extends its interaction with customers while minimizing sales expenses. The Group make extensive use of innovative sales and marketing channels, and also offer iOS and Android Apps, “润东行”to its customers. At the same time, the close integration of CRM system with the ERP and management decision-making assists the Group to allocate its resources effectively and optimize business in strategically focused regions

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